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Crème de la Mer - Eye Concentrate
It was the aerospace physicist, Dr Max Huber who developed the legendary ‘Creme de la Mer’ cream thirty years ago when a routine experiment backfired and left him scarred. Determined to find a solution to the scarring he had suffered, after twelve years of experimenting he developed the ‘Crème and Miracle Broth’ which reduced his scarring, smoothed his skin and created the legend that is ‘Creme de la Mer’. Die-hard devotees of the brand include Madonna, Kim Catrall and Sharon Stone.

Following the legacy of Dr Huber, Crème de la Mer have just launched a brand new eye concentrate which promises to “significantly reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, lines and wrinkles, improving clarity and tone.” Ingredients include precious marine and plant ingredients to help the skin reinforce its natural support system. This is bolstered with three versions of the patented miracle broth for intense hydration plus magnetised hematite to “dissolve” dark circles and puffiness.

The packaging is as innovative as the product. The crème is pressed onto the delicate eye area using a silver applicator, which does as it says on the tin; cooling the eye area. Reducing the signature puffiness experienced after a heavy night out, the ‘Eye Concentrate’ has also been developed to fight wrinkles and also acts as a preventative measure to aging skin.

Crème de la Mer – ‘Eye Concentrate’ is available from October 2007 and costs £120.


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