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By John Allan
Water has become an essential part of the beauty kit as much as a good cleanser and a wonder serum; drinking enough of it should just be part of your beauty regime by now. It’s also one of the essential necessities for urban living; think packed commuter routes and terrible office air conditioning. It even has a fashionable credibility; the Sunday Times Style magazine not so long ago predicted that soon we’ll be saying “shall we go for a mineral water” as opposed to “a coffee”.

Water is well known for its purifying and life giving properties for the skin and this summer it took a further leap in that direction with the launch of SIP, a new bottled water equipped with many extra necessities for your skin. SIP contains 100% pure ingredients, vitamin C, antioxidants and natural skin-friendly botanical extracts that enhance the benefits of water. It also comes in four lightly flavoured varieties, Elderflower, Mango, Strawberry and Mint (like a non-alcoholic Pimms), and Lemongrass and Ginger, all of which are, of course, natural.

SIP is a drink not affiliated with a large international soft-drinks manufacturer either and instead has the further appeal of being the brainchild of two beauty conscious women; Kate Shapland, an award winning beauty writer and her business partner Kate Cazenove.

Shapland tells dESSYtRENDS that SIP doesn’t make any false promises, “it’s quite simply a delicious drink containing great properties for your skin”. This comes as a refreshing attitude, as refreshing as the drink itself in times when celebrity endorsed beauty products have been overly exaggerated on TV commercials. However questionable any mascara or lipstick may be at doing for you what they say on the tin, there is absolutely no doubting water and now it comes with so much more in every sip.

Since its launch, SIP has become a leader in the wellbeing drinks sector and is available nationwide in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Fenwicks as well as Whole Food Market, Cowshed, Champneys resorts and branches of The Natural Café. It can also be purchased through priced £1.85.

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