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Bhogal Beautiful
By Dal Chodha

The days of leaving your wedding make-up to a visiting “aunty-ji” have been banished, by a new crop of Asian make-up artistes who will do anything for you from selecting your outfit, to designing your face for your big day.

“I’ve been doing this for 17 years,” make-up artiste, Gini Bhogal tells dESSYtRENDS. Make-up artistes don’t come much more experienced than Bhogal, who fell into the job by accident; starting off as the helpful, creative person in the room during festivities, who would whip out a mehendhi design as quickly as someone could whisper “ladoo”. “I did someone’s henna for a wedding once because the person that was meant to do it fell ill. I was just invited to the wedding and fell into a room of all of these women asking me to do their henna…it took off from there really.”  It was after receiving bountiful praise for her work, she was advised by many to take it up professionally.

So was the young Gini Bhogal all girly, happily playing with her make-up kit all day long? “I came from a very strict Sikh family and my parents didn’t see make-up as a job. They were dead against it and wanted me to get an office job, so that is what I did. I worked as a Legal secretary full time and just focused on the make-up as a sideline,” she confides. 

After becoming more sought after, Bhogal decided that she needed to gain a “proper qualification”, enrolling herself onto a make-up course at a college in Harrow, West London. She travelled from East London, where she is originally from, across to West London every Sunday for fourteen weeks attending courses on hair and make-up techniques. 

It seems that without being urged on by her friends, Bhogal would still be only painting faces at the weekends. “My friends urged me to advertise so I took out an advertisement in an Asian magazine. It picked up from there and then my name became familiar to people. Then after three years I went full time at it. When I got married, 17 years ago, there weren’t many people who did this, my sister did my make-up on my wedding day!” she laughs.

The personal element to the work she does is what she enjoys most. Without the people and that feeling of being a part of someone’s big day, Bhogal says she would give it all up. “That is my job satisfaction. It’s their big day – not mine. I just love sharing a part of their big day with them,” Bhogal gushes.  

It also appears that consulting on someone’s make-up and hair for their wedding day can often cross the line into more delicate territory. “Some girls confide in me while I am working on them. They are usually excited but some of them have family issues, which are mainly about their mother-in-law’s to be, so I have to offer advice sometimes too,” Bhogal informs. “I have to counsel them so there are no Bridezillas on the day!”

For further details on the beauty services offered by Gini Bhogal please contact: +44 (0)77 6127 3362

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