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Who is the second generation British Indian? Does he work for his dad in his corner shop? Does she wear a hijab when leaving the house and then slip into something more comfortable once she is around the corner?

If such a media concept is to be believed then this is a frightened generation held back by patriarchal demands placed upon our weak shoulders. Arranged marriages! Doctors! Lawyers! There is more to this savvy community than just these things.

The second generation (and in many cases 3rd and 4th) is no longer scared. Evolution has a way of taking over just as soon as we become comfortable with who we are and who we have become. Life changes. Generations evolve. Parents who until recently that may have led a sheltered life are now allowing their children to cut their hair, drink, go out and socialise. Mixed race marriages something once frowned upon is now becoming a more common place.

We today are an informed generation – one that that desires a ‘golden’ skin tone, unlike the mothers of yesterday who obsessed over Fair (and Lovely). A generation that is experimental. A generation that wears second hand clothes without the fear of looking homeless. A generation that listens in Bhangra and then bops to Girls Aloud.

We are undeniably British and Indian – a hybrid of modernity and convention. We know where we have ‘come from’, we know where we are and we sure as hell know where we are going.

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