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By Anisa Topan
Firoza, or Fizz as she is more affectionately known, is a hard woman to pin down. Back to back with clients, she spoke to dESSYtRENDS about what is keeping her so busy.

Fizz started her fashion label, , as a bit of a hobby from her home in 1998 with the sole intention of bringing her own imagination to life. Now, her brand boasts a chic boutique located on Asian shopping Mecca, Green Lane, an über cool website and a rapidly expanding client list.

Her super slick and edgy website is helping to attract more clients who come to her for her eclectic and unusual cuts. As she says, “I’ve always had an eye for clothes, I used to design my own clothes, which were always admired by others.” She renders the East/West divide with elegance, fusing them both beautifully, apparent when you see her Eastern silhouettes and embroidery mixed with traditionally more
Western” cuts. Fizz explains that the attitude of the Zeba’ish customer is that they are generally, “trendsetters, who like to stand out.” 

Notorious for her bridal work, the beadwork at Zeba’ish is all hand-stitched, with around five brides-to-be per week all looking for their fairytale dress.

Fizz says her creative process includes looking for something different, new and never done before. Tired of the sea of sequins often vomited over Asian garments, Fizz has always tried to develop her own signature looks and themes for her womenswear collections. “In the near future, I want to create an outstanding collection for the year ahead. I’m competing against some of London’s most popular fashion houses” Fizz justifies. “I enjoy the buzz.”

Fizz seems to have it all under control. “I want a much larger store and an expanded collection,” she details. With the label currently doing very well on the Asian circuit, Fizz is kept busy and can’t seem to sit still. Women from all walks of life visit the shop for either couture pieces or off the shelf garments designed by Fizz, she’s thriving on the mostly Gujarati Muslim, female clientele.

The meaning of Zeba’ish?  Fizz explains, “its Gujarati meaning to dress up and look good” and boy, does she know how to make women do that.
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