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By Dal Chodha
It seems Sisters are truly “doing it for themselves” as Autumn/Winter will be the season of celebrity sibling fashion.

First up came the announcement earlier this year that the Olsen twins, who already have their own fashion line for younger girls available at American giant retailer, Wal-Mart, were to launch another, luxe line entitled The Row.

The Row has garnered mixed reactions, with Browns Focus selling a T-shirt from the collection for £160, embracing the Olsen’s foray into the fashion world isn’t cheap. A collection of the classic looks the twins have become synonymous with, oversized men’s style trousers, tailored jackets, small dresses, sheer and oversized knits, The Row is Ashley Olsen through and through. Having the best PR possible, the twins have been photographed at many parties wearing their new collection, Ashley, turning up to a Balenciaga party in a cropped navy-and-forest-green plaid jacket from her debut collection earlier this year. Whether the die-hard fashionistas who will

happily drop £1,500 for a Balenciaga skirt will be pairing it with a piece from The Row, only time will tell. 

Closer to home, Twenty8Twelve is the venture of Savannah Miller and sister Sienna. Having gained a first from Central Saint Martins in design – from all of the celebrity fashion band jumping, this duo are possibly the most credible due to Savannahs qualification alone and Sienna’s ‘style icon’ status. The two also decided to keep their names on the logo to a minimum, calling it Twenty8Twelve, after Sienna’s date of birth.

Sienna said of the collaboration, “my sister and I started to work on ours before she [Kate Moss] did, two and a half years ago. And also, unlike Kate Moss, Sav is a real stylist," she told reporters back in July. Draping and femininity is key for the debut collection, a clear difference from The Row’s über coolness, Twenty8Twelve, is more about fashion and less about high-octane style. Key pieces of the collection being a pale green baby doll style dress with a bow around the waist, which Sienna had been seen wearing long before the launch of the brand. The line isn’t cheap, but it certainly wont require any re-mortgaging with a pair of jeans retailing at £155, a silk tunic £145 and the ‘betty’ dress, not dissimilar to the style spotted on Sienna, selling for £230

Most recently, the Cruz sisters, Penelope and Monica are also trying their hand at fashion with a limited-edition collection for MNG Mango, which launched in all UK Mango stores from 19th September 2007. The collection is rumoured to consist of red-carpet-inspired evening wear, jeans, knits and daywear, based on vintage pieces from their own wardrobes.

“This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. We just had to find the right people to do it with. We’ve always loved clothes – we used to hide in the bathroom with fashion magazines and say, ‘I want that one.’ We’d get a pencil and mark the pictures, and show how we’d transform them at home.” Penelope has said of the venture.

Aspiring fashion designers, it seems should not loose hope, as the longevity of these brands is likely to last as long as their creators careers. Sadly, in today’s celebrity obsessed times, shoppers are happy to spend money on clothing associated with a celebrity, however with both The Row and Twenty8Twelve outlining measures to distance themselves from their collections, can the Heat Magazine reader be fooled?
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